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Speaking of Xue Zhiqian, everyone must be familiar. Yes, today we are going to talk to you about Xue Zhiqian, a person who combines talent and charm.Xue Zhiqian was brought up by his father. When he graduated from high school, his father sold the house in order to raise money to support Xue Zhiqian to study in Switzerland. He used the 600,000 proceeds from the sale to send him to Switzerland to study in hotel management. Xue Zhiqian, who returned home from vacation, was seen by the scouts of the brokerage company at the door of the mall. They mobilized him to stay as an artist and promised to sign him and release records. But after Xue Zhiqian decided to suspend his studies in Switzerland, the brokerage company asked him to pay another 300,000 yuan for packaging. After being discouraged, Xue Zhiqian encountered a live-action version of "I'm Crazy" and was recruiting an actor. He was fortunate enough to get one of these roles. Unfortunately, due to copyright issues, the film did not start successfully.




Until 2005, Xue Zhiqian officially debuted because he participated in the draft show "My Type My Show" and won the top four; in September of the same year, he signed a contract with Shangteng Entertainment. On June 12, 2006, the first solo album of the same name "Xue Zhiqian" was released. He covered the creation of six albums and five lyrics of the album. The album sold more than 200,000 copies in one month, and he became the highest-selling annual mainland. The male singer, then, the title song "Serious Snow" won the Top Ten Golden Melody Awards in the Fourteenth Oriental Situation. In August, Xue Zhiqian attended the "2006 New City Mandarin Award Presentation Ceremony" in Hong Kong and performed "Yellow Maple Leaf" live. In October, Xue Zhiqian attended the award ceremony of Singapore's 6th Global Chinese Songs Chart and won the Most Popular Male Newcomer Award.






On July 17, 2012, the fourth solo album "Several Xue Zhiqian" was released with a total of 9 songs. In April of the following year, the album was recommended by MusicRadio in China's TOP chart; in September, he and Shangteng Entertainment signed an appointment Unsuccessful; on December 27, the single "Square Miles" is released.Over the next few years, his songs have won awards many times and have occupied the top spots on various music platforms many times. Not only that, he also participated in a number of film and television dramas and variety shows, and also held many concerts. And, in 2012, Xue Zhiqian's hot pot restaurant "Shang Shangqian" opened. As of 2016, the hot pot restaurant has expanded to five stores. While operating the hot pot restaurant, he squeezed out 500,000 yuan from the hot pot restaurant and founded an independent brand to open a mid-end women's clothing store on Taobao. Due to good online sales, the women's clothing store opened a physical store. I have to admire that Xue Zhiqian is a very good singer, and at the same time, he is also a very distinctive person. He always makes unexpected moves and utters irresistible paragraphs.





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